It’s Electric! (Well Sorta)

February 17th, 2021 by

A Hybrid pick-up truck? Sounds like an oxymoron like a jumbo shrimp. Typically, people want pickup trucks because they’re big, powerful, tough, and rugged. I promise you get all of that PLUS some with the Ford F-150 Hybrid. A hybrid pickup is like the guy who wears pink, still masculine just more stylish. The hybrid is a beast. There is no small generator in the truck, all three options pose to run all of your gadgets. So why buy a hybrid? Let’s take a look.

The Hybrid F-150 proves it can run with the big dogs. Stretch your gas tank further with a hybrid. In fact, this truck improved it’s mpg by 20%. Money talks for me so why not make it last as long as I can. Not only will you be saving on gas, you’ll also be saving the Earth with less CO2 pollution. Yay, go green! There’s no need to worry about range because the hybrids charge their own batteries. I personally prefer a hybrid than full electric for this reason. Maybe if batteries lasted longer and charging stations were more available everywhere, this would be a better option but until then, I am for team hybrid. There’s less stress about finding a charging station and waiting to charge before hitting the road again. The hybrid has the highest power output of any in the lineup. More bang for your buck and it’s more powerful, the perfect match really does exist. It can cruise on all electric for a little while then switches to gas, but the switch is almost seamless. I hardly notice this from inside the truck.

Let’s talk numbers, it’s payload and towing capacities are pretty impressive for a truck not powered by an EcoBoost engine. With a payload of 2,120 pounds and 12,700 towing capacity. Hook that boat up and head to the ramp.

The Hybrid F-150 will also have all three generator options. The 2.0kW, 2.4kW, and 7.4kW generators were built into the truck bed. This makes long days and traveling so much easier. I don’t want to spoil all the secrets so stay tuned for my next post all about the three generator options.

Fuel economy, saving the planet and more power, am I speaking to you now? I think the concept of a hybrid pickup truck is great. I believe that is the way most vehicle manufacturers will be going within the next few years so hop on the bandwagon now. Contact us to come see the Hybrid possibilities!

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